vRA 7.x Reclamation Machine Usage Thresholds

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In vRealize Automation 7.x, you can discover Deployments for reclamation in the Administration > Reclamation > Deployments (Tenant Administrator) view or the Administration > Reclamation > Tenant Machines (IaaS Administrator) view. The Advanced Search feature can be selected clicking > in the top right corner and you can search for VMs with Low or High CPU usage along with several other options. But what are the actual thresholds that vRA uses when you select “Low CPU”? The table below describes exactly what each of the metrics are, for each advanced search option.

CPUHigh CPU utilization
Low CPU utilization
Average Usage > 80%
Average Usage < 5%
MemoryHigh Memory utilization
Low Memory utilization
Average Usage > 80%
Average Usage < 10%
DiskLow Hard Disk utilizationAverage Disk Usage < 2KB/s
NetworkLow Network utilizationAverage Network Usage < 1KB/s
Complex MetricIdlePowered-on machines below 20% for
CPU, memory, disk, and network usage.

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