vRealize Automation 8.0 – Troubleshooting

With the introduction of vRealize Automation (vRA) 8.0, the traditional appliance VAMI page is gone. This is replaced with the vRA CLI and the kubernetes command line tools. This post will show some of the more common CLI commands you may need. To use all of the commands below, use SSH to connect to the appliance and log in with the root username and password.

Check Pods / ‘Services’ Status

Although the traditional vRA services are replaced with kubernetes containers, you can still check the running status of them using the command below. This command will show the running status, the age and the number of restarts for each pod or ‘service’.

Display vRA Cluster Status

Verify the vRA Deployment Status

The output of this command will be “Deployment not complete” if the appliance is still deploying / starting up, otherwise it will show as “Deployment complete”.

Generate a Log Bundle

Stopping / Shut down vRA Cluster

This command will shutdown vRealize Automation on all of the cluster nodes by stopping the services, sleep for 2 minutes and clean the current deployment before shutting down the appliance.

Starting vRA Cluster

Power on each of the appliances and wait for them to boot completely before proceeding. Wait for the appliance console to show the blue welcome page. Ensure that all prerequisite servers are also started such as vRealize Identity Manager (vIDM). This command will run the deploy.sh script to deploy all prelude services and then the kubectl command will show the status of all the running pods or ‘services’. This process can take 20+ minutes. If the appliance has insufficient memory, the timeout will occur at 30 minutes.

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