VMworld 2021 vRealize Announcements

VMworld 2021 was still held online only this year, which meant there was no shortage of announcements and information available for anyone interested. With a few large announcements including the Project Ensemble Tech Preview and Skyline Advisor Pro, there is plenty to keep an eye on in this space. Below I've listed a few things for each of the vRealize Suite products which caught my attention. Leave a comment below on what you're looking forward to in this next release!

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.6

  • Snapshots created with vRSLCM can now be deleted! No more having to go to vCenter to clean up the snapshots. A very nice quality of life update.
  • Topology View is being added to vRSLCM to quickly identify where nodes are deployed and how they are integrated with various other products.
  • Outbound Notifications support is being added so that you can now be notified when vRSLCM identifies a critical issue or when a new patch or upgrade is available.
  • Content Management enhancements.
  • More information available here.

vRealize Automation 8.6

  • Code Stream workspace support for Kubernetes! This is a huge one for me, as previously only Docker was supported, but now Kubernetes can be configured as a valid workspace on Code Stream.
  • Cloud Templates will support dynamic vRealize Orchestrator inputs. A very significant quality of life update!
  • Create Custom Resources with ABX Actions. Previously Custom Resources had to be backed by vRO types, but now you will be able to Create, Read, Update and Delete ABX Action based Custom Resources.
  • More information can be found here.

vRealize Operations 8.6

  • A brand new UI!
  • Better integration between vROps and vRA so that users deploying vRA workloads to AWS, Azure and GCP can minitor their workloads in vROps to monitor the deployment attribute, performance, health, and utilisation.
  • vRealize True Visibility Suite Storage and Compute management packs are now included for free with all editions of vROps. A great benefit so that you can now easily monitor your physical hardware.
  • Public Cloud support. All AWS services are now supported in vROps, and many more services have been added for both Azure and GCP.
  • More information is available here.
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